About company

The "MEANDR" electrotechnical company founded in 1992 in St.-Petersburg, specializes in development and production of industrial automation tools.

During more than 20 years of its activities, our company became the recognized leader in production of different domestic electronic relays. Our nomenclature has more than 500 products.
Among our partners there are many large enterprises of various industries, such as: Electrosila, Severstal, Sevzapmontazhavtomatika, Areva, Kaliningradgazavtomatika, Tauras Feniks, Russkaya Trapeza, Zvezda-Energetika, Aurora, Lenenergo, Novaya Era, RAP Holding, Samarskiy Transformator, Severnaya Zaria and many other Russian companies.
Below there is a short list of our products:
  • Electronic time relays
    • single-command RVO
    • cyclic RVC
    • three-circuit RV3
    • starting RVP (star-delta switch)
  • Line voltage monitoring devices
    • relay for checking a single-phase, direct and alternating voltage (RKN-1)
    • relay for checking a three-phase voltage (RKN-3)
    • relay for checking phases EL-11М, EL-12М, EL-13М, RKF
    • phase selection relay (RVF-01)
    • devices for protecting an electric equipment from power line surges (UZM)
    • power limiters (OM)
Current-overload relay
  • Load priority relay (RPN-1)
  • Current control relay (RKT)
Light control relay
  • Photorelay (FR) (twilight switches)
  • Pulse (bi-state) relay (RIO-1) for remote control
  • Timer – stair switch (ROL-1)
Intermediate modular relays (MRP)
Thermoswitch (TR) to control and maintain specific temperature conditions
Relay for a thermistor protection of motors (RT)
Motor protection relay (RZD-3)
PPR sensors – intelligent optical sensors
  • area sensors
  • capacitance sensors
  • reflector sensors
  • Sensors for detecting labels (eyespots)
Programmable electronic pulse counters (SIM), velocity gages, machine hour meters
Alarm signaling units (APS)
Thyristor power controllers (TRM)

On the basis of our devices, we produce systems for different purposes:
  • edge position control systems for a coiled material
  • speed monitoring systems
  • production calculation systems (flow meters)
On a demand basis, we will produce following products:
  • Relay RKSN-1 to control an escalator stairs’ speed and a motion direction, to account its total operating time, to calculate a braking way and number of switchings
  • Controller KUPT-2 to control a tunnel kiln when manufacturing squeeze bottles
  • Controller UKM-1 to control a molding machine when manufacturing squeeze bottles

Overvoltage in five-storey apartment blocks, how to provide a protection against an overvoltage, how to protect an equipment from an overvoltage, solving an undervoltage issue, relay to monitor a three-phase voltage, protection against a breakage of the neutral lead, the relay to protect against the raised overvoltage etc.


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