Articles and Publications

This section contains catalogs with products of our company as well as 3rd party manufacturers, whose products you can purchase via por company.
This section contains latest (as per 2014) EAC certificates and the declarations for all products.
The certificate of conformity of the Customs Union’s Technical Regulation (CU TR Certificate) is a mandatory document which confirms a conformity withinn three countries of a CU (Kazakhstan, Belarus and Russia). 
Thanks to that the certificate guarantees a conformity of product characteristics to established safety and quality standards, a process of overcoming bureaucratic delays is substantially facilitated. This document ensures that a production conforms to the Customs Union’s Technical Regulations of — acts which establish identical requirements to safety and quality of products in all CU territory, that allows an unobstructed circulation in the CU countries. 

Publications devoted to products, and also to latest technical norms, standards etc.


This page contains substitution tables for different products as follows: phase relay , phase detector, voltage relay, voltage monitor, thermistor motor protection relay, rotation direction indicator, recognition of short-term failures, temperature controler, twilight photoswitches, time relays from ABB, Schneider Electric, Moeller, Lovato, Siemens, Turck, Tele, Legrand etc.

This section descibes in detail an operation of various products and also helps you to select relevent models.



This page describes tests of our products, executed by both independent experts, and our employees The purpose is to demonstrate and explain features of a specific product and its capability to operate in various conditions.



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