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Relay monitoring, control and protection

Реле времени однокомандное РВО-1МРеле времени однокомандное РВО-15 Реле времени трёхцепное РВ3-22 Реле времени циклическое РВЦ-П2-22 Реле времени пусковое РВП-4
 Time relay designed to transmit electrical signals from one circuit to another with a preset time delay. They are used in cases where it is necessary to automatically perform an action not immediately after the appearance of the control signal, but after the set time.
Реле импульсное РИО-1   Реле импульсное РИО-2   Модуль диодов МД-3М-2


 Pulse relay (memory relay, bistable relay, locking relay) is designed to control lighting in the hallway, on the stairs, floor, etc. via the parallel connection buttons (enlighted). Additional control inputs allow you to centrally enable or disable the light around the room.



Реле контроля тока РКТ-1  Реле контроля тока РКТ-2  Реле контроля тока РТ-40У  Реле приоритета нагрузки РПН-1-25


 The current control relay is designed to issue of the control signal when it detects deviations of the current set point in the single-phase or three-phase networks. Used to control overloading machines, motors and other electrical equipment to monitor consumption, remote equipment diagnostics (fault, low or high power consumption).



 Устройство защиты многофункциональное УЗМ-51МД   Устройство защиты многофункциональное УЗМ-16   Реле контроля однофазного напряжения РКН-1М   Реле контроля однофазного напряжения РКН-1-1-15   Реле контроля трёхфазного напряжения РКН-3-15-15   Реле контроля трёхфазного напряжения ЕЛ-11М-15    Реле контроля трёхфазного напряжения РКФ-М05-1-15


 Voltage control relay are designed to control a single-phase network parameters DC and AC voltage, three-phase line and phase voltage. They have adjustable delay switch, convenient and intuitive display.

Ограничитель мощности ОМ-63    Ограничитель мощности ОМ-16

 Power limiters are designed to control power consumption in single-phase networks, and turn off the power of the consumer in case of excess power consumption than the set value. They have built-in protection against impulse noise (varistor) to protect equipment when exiting the mains voltage for disconnecting the load limits (in the apartment, office, etc.).

Промежуточные реле
 Intermediate relay designed for galvanic isolation between the power control circuits, remote switching of load by applying a control voltage to the relay input.
 Реле контроля температуры ТР-М02   Реле контроля температуры ТР-15
 Termorele designed for temperature control in the home and workplace. Allows you to automatically maintain a set temperature settings ranging from -55 to +125 C.
Фотореле ФР-М01-1-15    Фотореле ФР-М02    Фотореле ФР-31 фотоблок
 Photorelay are designed to control light levels. Allows you to automatically turn on or off the light source.
Реле термисторной защиты РТЗ-1М    Реле термисторной защиты РТ-М01-1-15
 The relay is designed to protect the motor from overheating at prolonged start or stop, under- or over-voltage, over-switching frequency, winding contamination cooling channels, etc. The relay is connected to thermoresistive sensors (PTC) built-in the motor winding.
 Реле приоритета нагрузки РПН-1-25   Реле приоритета нагрузки РПН-1-40  Реле приоритета нагрузки РПН-1-100
 Priority relay is designed for controlling the main consumer load and off, if necessary, secondary consumers. Current regulation has from 10% to 100% of the nominal relay.
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