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Over voltage protection device UZM-16 (multifunction protection device), load 16A

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  • Rated switching current is 16А
  • Synchronized control of the relay - the closure of relay contacts is carried out by the transition mains voltage zero crossing
  • Two-threshold overvoltage protection
  • Two-threshold undervoltage protection
  • Built-in varistor protection from impulse disturbances mains voltage (switching noise, remote lightning, etc.)
  • Discrete adjustment of thresholds
  • Fixed programmable delay reclosing is 10 seconds or 6 minutes
  • Maintains an operating capability in a wide range of a supply voltage - 0... 440V
  • Recommended thresholds for UZM-16 (170 ... 265V)


 The protection device multifunction UZM (further - the device) is used to disable the equipment at decreasing and increasing the mains voltage in single-phase networks, the protection of the equipment connected to it (in the apartment, office and so on.) from the damaging effects of pulsed power surges caused by the actuation of closely spaced and connected to the same electric network, magnetic starters or electromagnets, thereby preventing equipment damage and possible fire, followed by fire.
 The device represents a voltage control relays with a powerful electromagnetic relay output, supplemented by the varistor protection. The device is installed on a DIN rail wiidth 35 mm (GOST R IEC 60715-2003) with a front connecting wires of power switched circuits. Terminals of the tunnel construction provides a robust clip wires to the total cross section of 35mm2. The front panel has two indicator UZM - two-color (green/red) "norm-accident" and yellow for on the contact relay, the button "TEST" is for manual control.
 Can be used in any network configuration: TN-C, TN-S, TN-C-S, TT. Do not replace other protection devices (circuit breakers, surge arresters, RCDs, etc..). UZM does not disconnect the load and the delay does not occur, if the short-term (less than 0,5s) failures of the mains voltage, for user convenience.
 After energisation the device stands ready for 5 seconds and the display does not work, then the green LED starts flashing pointing at counting on-time exposure. If the voltage is within acceptable limits, the load is connected to the power supply network and illuminates green and yellow LEDs. Perhaps the accelerated turn on of the load manually by pressing the "TEST" button. The relay is turn on automattically and restoring the mains voltage to normal after 10 seconds, after an emergency shutdown.
 When you try to manually activate the emergency mode, the device does not allow to turn on the power to the load.
 In operating mode, the device monitors the mains voltage. When the network has high-voltage pulses, built-in varistor shunts them to the value of safe equipment.

 Two-color display operates in various modes:

  • If the voltage is approache to the upper threshold of the shutdown starts flashing red LED and output voltage of range, disconnects the load from the network, and the yellow light turns off and the red steady on. When a voltage is return in a normal value, starts counting exposure reclosing time while the green LED starts flashing (if during the reference time will exit voltage beyond the permissible limits, the re-inclusion is reset) after the reference time, the load is connected to the power supply network.
  • If the voltage approaches to the lower threshold of th shutdown stats flashing green LED and at output of voltage beyond the permissible limits begins counting off delay time, and the red LED light starts to flash, after the reference time comes load is disconnected from the network, and the yellow LED turns off and the red lights up every 2 seconds. When a voltage is return in a normal value, starts counting exposure reclosing time while the green LED starts flashing (if during the reference time will exit voltage beyond the permissible limits, the re-inclusion is reset) after the reference time, the load is connected to the power supply network.
  • If forced to disconnect the load from the mains by pressing the "TEST" button, dual color LED indicates this alternate indication that the red and green LEDs will turn on. Pressing the "TEST" button again will return the device to normal operation.
 WARNING: If disabled the load by used button "TEST" the device remains off just after disconnecting and re- power is turned on. To turn on the device press the "TEST" button again (hold for 2 seconds) .
 The user can independently change the start delay time (10s or 6min) for this:
  1.  By pressing the button "TEST" user turns off the internal relay.
  2.   Then press and hold the "TEST" (LED "norm-alarm" goes off) until the light begins flashing. If the light flashes green while t1 is set to 10 seconds when the red time t1 is 6minutes.
  3.  Let go off button "TEST".
  4.  Press the "TEST" again to return to normal operation and switch relay.
 WARNING: Only the phase wire breaks at operation of device.   Zero wire passes on through for ease of installation and not switched. You can connect the output N from only one side (for example when connecting to a three-phase network can combine the three UZM zero findings on one side).
A parameter Unit UZM-16
The maximum absorption energy (single pulse of 10/1000 microseconds)
The maximum absorption current (repeating pulses 8/20 microseconds)
Actuction time of protection from pulse action
Adjustable upper threshold of load off Utop.  Response delay t3 = 0,2s 
230, 240, 245, 250, 255, 260, 265, 270, 
275, 280
Upper load disconnection threshold. Response delay t2 =20ms
Adjustable lower threshold of load off Ulow.  Response delay t4 =10s
210, 200, 195, 190, 185,180, 170, 165 160
The lower threshold of accelerated load disconnection. Responce delay t2=100ms
Voltage of return the upper and lower threshold value of the set (hysteresis)
Rated supply voltage
Frequency of supply voltage
Maximum supply voltage
Electrical endurance, not less cycles 100000
Rated load current
The maximum load capacity VA 3680
Delay on (restart)- selected by user(at delivery 10s) - t1
10s or
Operating temperature range (different versions)
°C -25…+55 (UHL4)
Storage temperature °С -40...+70
Immunity to interference from bursts in accordance with GOST R 51317.4.4-99 (IEC/EN 61000-4-4)   level 3 (2kV/5kHz)
Immunity to interference over voltage in accordance with GOST R 51317.4.5-99 (IEC/EN 61000-4-5)   level 3 (2kV А1-А2)
Climatic modification and placement category by GOST 15150-69 (non-condensing)   UHL4
The degree's protection at case/terminals according to by GOST 14254-96   IP40/IP20
The degree of pollution in accordance with GOST 9920-89   2
Relative humidity of air % up to 80 (at 25°C)
Height above sea level m till 2000
Operating position in space   artbitrary
Mode   round the clock
Dimensions mm 18х93х62
Weight, not more kg 0,07
Warranty period of operation
Service life, not less than
Диаграмма работы УЗМ-16
Схема подключения УЗМ-16
Схема подключения УЗМ-16 (1)
Габаритные размеры реле в корпусе 18*93*62 мм
Order code
File to download
File date
UZM-16 UHL4 4640016931910 07.07.2015


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