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Voltmeter VRT-M02 with the function of monitoring short-circuit current and circuit resistance phase-zero net and comparing with the current of actuation of introductory automaton

ВРТ-М02 мониторинг тока короткого замыкания и сопротивления цепи фаза-ноль
VRT-M02 AC20-450V UHL4 3457.00 руб. с НДС

  • Constant measurement and indication of short circuit current in the chain of phase-zero net
  • Constant measurement and indication of resistance chain of phase-zero net
  • Constant measurement and indication of mains voltage
  • Comparing short-circuit current with actuating current of introductory automaton
  • Control a conductor PE
  • Sound and light indication of zero break
  • Sound and light indication of discrepancy introductory automaton to short-circuit current
  • Sound and light indication of alarm PE
  • Memory surges, dips and the number of voltage interruptions (as in VR-M02)
 The digital single-module voltmeter of direct connection (AC20...450V), combined with a measuring instrument of short-circuit current and resistance of chain phase-zero and a control of the state of protective wire PE. Monitoring of all parameters is carried out constantly. Besides ongoing monitoring of the mains voltage, it allows to evaluate the ability of the established circuit breakers (the selection of the nominal value) on entering to the house or apartment to operate at short-circuit - a current of short-circuit will be enough to it for instant activation or not, to actuate?
 In fact, this is THE FIRST device of direct physical control of breakage in electrical net. All existing today protect devices from breaking of zero only react to imbalance phase voltages, that occurs at not symmetric loads on phases at breakage of zero. At breakage of zero and symmetric loads to phases (motors, etc.) it doesn't  operate.
 The device VRT-M02 records in real-time a change of short-circuit  current in chain phase-zero (at breakage of zero it sharply increases) and in case of increase it indicates this.
 The device is programmed by the user for a specific type of circuit breaker (from 10 to 100A, characteristics A, B, C or the D, factory setting - C16). Peroidically checking the short-circuit current, compares with a valid current for a given automaton, given its characteristics (A, B, C or D), i.e. the multiplicity of operating current (approximately on 20% more than the maximum current). When failure of short-circuit current for instant activation - it gives an audible and visual signal (a flashing red LED "alarm short-circuit") until recovery the chain (eliminating a malfunction) or reprogramming a smaller current of automaton. By pressing a button on the front panel shows the measured short-circuit current in the network and circuit resistance phase-zero, maximum, minimum fixed voltage and the number of power outages.
 Also VRT-M02 checks the integrity of protective wire PE. When the voltage appears on it or its breakage - is activated sound and light (a flashing of red LED "alarm PE") signaling.
 The use of this device will allow in current time to detect a malfunction of wiring and thus will reduce a possibility of fire in case of short circuit in the net, also will reduce the likelihood of electric shock to person, when a voltage appears on the case of the device.
Thresholds of actuation VRT-M02 at short-circuit current:
 The most important task of this device, it is a constant check of conformity of electrical net state and the comparison with the estabished circuit breaker. It assures instantaneous operation mounted automaton at short-circuit.
Габаритные размеры реле в корпусе 18*93*62мм
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